humanaquarium -- robyn taylor / guy schofield / john shearerhumanaquarium -- robyn taylor / guy schofield / john shearer


VIDEO: IDG News Service has created a 3 minute featurette describing the humanaquarium performance, concept, and technology [link] describes humanaquarium as "a compelling, if slightly sinister-sounding piece of psychedelic ambience" [link]

BBC Radio 3 Blog praises humanaquarium as a "fascinating feature of the [BBC Free Thinking Festival] foyer installations" [link]

Macworld World Tech Update calls humanaquarium "one of the most interesting projects here at the [CHI 2011] show" [link]

SteamPunk Magazine calls humanaquarium "an interactive musical performance that was beautiful, breathtaking and utterly haunting" [link]

Thoroughly Good Blog says "it's quite a wondrous thing to experience. Not least because the sight of it draws you and others in. And as soon as that happens you're entranced." [link]

PCWorld reports on the humanaquarium at CHI2011. [link]

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