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Guy Schofield

Since arriving in Newcastle in 2002, Guy Schofield's work has mainly involved computers and video. He is fascinated by certain visual codes and how they can be subverted through simulation and manipulation, using readily available tools such as video-editing software. His work often relies on the acquisition of high-level technical skills: for example, in order to learn more about 3D modelling and animation, he took a job at a games company. Guy finds this technical understanding vital to the conception as well as the realisation of his work. Guy is interested principally in the generation of space as a performative action: whether through interactive pieces such as Red City or video tableau like the Ghost Ship series, or through durational live pieces such as Blackout, which involved navigating a completely dark environment using only the flash from a digital camera. As well as making and exhibiting artworks, Guy is a researcher for the School of Computing Science, based in Culture Lab and undertakes freelance work in graphics, animation, sound design and production. He is also 1/2 of the music/audio-visual project, The Turing Test.

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